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  • Monday 8.00 - 18.00
  • Tuesday 8.00 - 18.00
  • Wednesday 8.00 - 18.00
  • Thursday 8.00 - 18.00
  • Friday 8.00 - 18.00
  • Saturday 9.00 - 15.00
  • Sunday Closed Day

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FAQs - Häufig gestellte Fragen

What is a Fetish- / Bizarrlady?

There are no clear definitions, the range of services is very wide and every Lady decides on her own which services she wants to offer.
In a broad sense a Fetishlady is a woman, who offers services in the bizarre-erotic BDSM- / fetish-area. This might be as a fetish-escort or in a studio.
Unlike a classic, very often unapproachable Dom, a Bizarrlady often allows physical contact and focuses less on classical distance and – in some cases – might even be a switch. Meaning that she can offer active or passive forms of play.

Personally, I consider myself as a Fetish- / Bizzarlady because I appreciate different variations of fetish and BDSM and because I enjoy bizarre interplay and kinky moments. Fetish is my lifestyle, I live it and love it.
Private I’m a switch. As an escort and in a studio I feel most comfortable in an active, sadistic position. I don’t force anything and I’m not playing roles I don’t feel comfortable in. I abstain from using some kind of pseudo-authority and forced commanding tone. I don’t offer normal sex. I only take, what I need and give you what you deserve. I’m always authentic and individual. Passionate and true fetish are more important to me than to fit in predefined stereotypes. I like to be challenged, inspired and to explore new facets.

What does "Touchability" mean?

“Touchable” dominance means primarily that you don’t need to keep an arm-length of distance from me. I can be approached and don’t prohibit body contact. On contrary: direct and intense body awareness are important for various massages, soft touches and mutual oiling (especially in latex).
Okay is, whatever develops between us, as long as we both feel comfortable.
I signal you very clearly what is acceptable to me and expect that you behave accordingly.
Unquestioned grabbing or touching, asking for sex or oral sex, harsh or demanding behavior is not acceptable.
Politeness and respect are the most important characteristics. In private and in working environment. Money doesn’t change my opinion on this.
“Nearness” also means that I like to be close to my counterpart on different levels – not just physically. I like to take my time for you and your individual needs. So we can enjoy intense and intimate moments together. I put a strong emphasis on trust, which is the basis to build on for future Encounters.

I never visited a Bizarrlady. How should I prepare?

I often experience that especially newbies think too much before a session. Pleasant anticipation can then easily become nervousness.
“Preparation” is not necessary before our meeting. In case there is something relevant for you to prepare, I will tell you in advance.
If we’re meeting in a studio you have the chance to fresh up before: shower, towels, shampoo, etc. can be used.
Also, if I meet you at your place, I expect that hygiene is just as important to you as it is to me, that you will provide fresh towels for me and that you treat me with the appropriate amount of respect and courtesy.
Before starting our meeting, I always plan in time for a conversation and a coffee, tea or a glass of water. Questions or uncertainty can be asked, addressed and cleared. I can be talked to on a normal level. Please tell me about your fears, worries, physical disabilities/problems or your current sensitivities. If you tell me, I can adapt to your needs.

Prices & deposit

The price of a session depends on the kind, duration, location and effort I need to invest.

Germany: first hour 250 Euro, 2 hours 500, every further hour 200 Euro

Switzerland: first hour 500 Chf, 2 hours 900, every further hour 400 Chf
(Latex +50E/+100Chf)
Our conversation before the session and the time for the showers before and after the session are not part of the booked play-time.

Your booking request should include an exact description of your phantasies. Then I can tell you, if, and to which conditions, a session is possible.

If we dont know eachother already, I`ll ask you for a deposit.
You can send it to me via banking transfer, PayPal or Amazon voucher.

direkt zu PAYPAL


Dawina S.
Sparkasse Bodensee
DE68 6905 0001 0026 3651 55

In case of short-term cancellation or if you don`t attend a scheduled meeting, the deposit will be retained.
If you`ve cancelled on time more then 24h before, we can clear the deposit within 2 month.

Confirmation of appointment

I ask you to confirm our appointment a day before in the evening (till 10pm) via SMS or WhatsApp to 0049 17672390318

How should I address you?

I’m not a “dominatrix” and don’t want to be called “Madam”. I’m a lady. A princess. A mistress. Sometimes just Zuleika.
You will notice if you overstep my boundaries and address me wrong. I will point out your mistake very fast.

Is a spontaneous booking possible?

Spontaneous visits or appointments are NOT possible.
I really hate to be pressed for time.
Please allow for at least 1-2 days notice.
I want to be well prepared for you and our session.

Do you accept gifts or vouchers?

Basically I just expect my tribute right in the start of our session, counted in en envelope.
I do not expect any gifts or vouchers, but often I get asked how one can please me.
That`s why I have a Wishlist

How did you become a Bizarrlady?

To make it short: I started as a model and because fetish and BDSM started to become more important in my private life, I started to become more and more interested in fetish and especially latex photography. Like any other person, I was went through an identification process, tried out a lot of things, learned about my strengths and weaknesses and learned about my likes and dislikes. I decided to become a professional fetish model and Bizarrlady. This gave me the possibility to life my personal passion even more intense, to become even more creative and targeted and, at the same time, give others the possibility to enjoy this together with me and experience new things. For me it’s not a job, it’s my personal fulfilment, passion combined with a lot of curiosity.

Can you be booked for photo shootings?

I’m only doing photo shootings with my personal photographer or with experienced photographers with the corresponding references. Private shootings with amateurs are not possible.
In case you would like to be photographed in a fetish environment by a professional photographer or if you would like to have a picture together with me, just contact me. For an additional charge I will organize my photographer and give you the possibility to have a professional shooting including a selection of revised pictures.